Your soulmate

“The truth is, a soulmate isn’t something you find,” said Dr. Gardner. “A soulmate is someone you intentionally become. To have a soulmate and the marriage we are looking for, we must work at it. Real and lasting love is something you do, not something you mystically have. Falling in love is a great thing. After the spark and the commitment of ‘til death do us part,’ couples have to set their course for the future and commit to be soulmates. You have to learn how to stay together – this is when you really learn what it means to be soulmates.”


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I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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One Response to Your soulmate

  1. Anonymous says:

    I read this and decided to send it to my friend. She and my cousin decided to separate after 3 years. It was a shock to me, especially since I had introduced them. I hope it resonates with her heart. Thanks.<3Marinelly

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