Today, I fell, I climbed, I tried to make a difference, I hope I did. Learned to redeem my time.

Up in the morning, very sleepy and tired…struggled to get to work. Started the day didn’t have that much energy or my usual motivation in the morning, but thank God my best friend and brother put up a good quote on the board in the lineup room, so I didn’t have to.
Early in the morning I made a mistake at work which was stuck in my head. I guess the perfectionist sometimes in me especially at work, was striking me hard. The more cluttered I got and out of my routine. I responded like I usually do, with hard work with no time to think. It mellowed out smoothly.

Well then I received a phone msg which hit me really hard. Interesting enough that it was blocked but I knew exactly who it was from. It struck me really hard that I didn’t know whether to cry, laugh, or even move. I could feel the hairs on my eyebrows and the world around my vehicle spin. I understood it was well deserved, though maybe I am not fully to blame in which I am almost sure that I am not, but on the other hand, I am man enough to ask for forgiveness. I could not get in contact back with that person but here is what I would say if I did.

Dear *****(friend), Thank you for the respect as I would show you the same. No excuses, No explanations. You are right. This is exactly what I needed. You don’t have to worry about a thing thus the Lord has counted all our days before we were born. I take full responsibility and ask you for forgiveness for any heartache or discomfort I have caused any minute of your life.

That would be my reply. Taking responsibility for your actions even when you are not full responsible, sometimes helps you learn and get over them quicker.

Some battles in life are not worth fighting, there is not time to get involved in things that are not between you and God given destiny. If somebody has a problem with you, as long as you being your best, doing what you believe God put in your heart, with all due respect that is their problems, not yours. You don’t have to solve conflicts with every person, some people don’t want to be at peace with you. When you realize your time is limited you don’t have to respond to every critic. Not everyone is gonna understand you, not every one is going to give you their up most respect, not everyone is gonna give your their approval, but it is okay, You just run Your RACE!

—Well continuing on my day at work—
I met a mother with two children who I could see the stress, depression, and sadness. As I stood while someone else spoke, I analyzed the room by using all my observations. I could almost feel what she was feeling. The babies cried and I immediately though, how does she deal with this every day. Then again I felt I this lady needs some encouraging words. The person speaking to her was right but I knew she was feeling attacked. This lady had lost all her hope. Her problems were many in which I will not speak of in details. At the end since I was just a standby, I told her to sit down and immediately started. I told her that I know she could get out of this situation but without a step nothing is moved. She said she did not know what to do. I didn’t know exactly what her options were but kept encouraging her. I told her that her little angels are a blessing. She is stronger that she believed. Many words just scattered from my mouth and I could see every tear drop for her eyes. In the end, she thanked me and she told me to have a safe night. That was all I needed to give me the greatest joy from the day until that moment. I just hope she remembers and it makes some sort of difference or plants a seed for her and her family’s future.

I had other incidents till the end of the day that weren’t as joyful for me but I still tried to help to the best of my God given ability and talent. As I walked to my car, I remembered the earlier incident that hurt me and made me sad. I was torn. My best friend, told me I was called by God, by name and I have a purpose. He told me I was a great man when he met me, but I am a better man now. Very touching. I got in my car, and before I turned my engine. I started to cry. I asked God why and for him to forgive me for any mistakes. I immediately asked him to help me and speak to me. Thanks to Iphone, I looked for my podcast and played Redeeming the Time by Joel Osteen. Immediately It touched my heart. It spoke to my spirit and soul. I knew it was a message from God. I knew I was immediately encouraged once again. From what I could remember, this is what I learned, some should be quoted:

I made mistakes, I am not perfect but God has forgiven me. I shall not condemn myself. You cannot re-live yesterday but you can live your best today! Redeem your time. Every second try to make a difference and enjoy it. Tomorrow is not promised to no one. You cannot fix every body. You cannot change those that does not want to be changed. This day is a gift from God. If someone is going to be unhappy, they shall not keep you form being unhappy. Let go of all distractions, let go of all self pity, discouragements and disappointments. It someone doesn’t want to be your friend, let them go, God will bring you better friends. Remember your God given destiny and goals. You are a seed of greatness!. God has arranged the right people who will celebrate you, who you are and what you have to offer. Shake all bitterness off. At the end of my life God will ask me how did I spend my life? I didn’t get in battles I didn’t have to. I didn’t let disappointments stop me. I am a giver not a taker. I redeem my time by enjoying and making the most of every second. I run with a purpose and go out each day with a goal. I am a ON purpose, person. Forcused without letting people or distractions get in my way. Let go, forgive, let God make the wrongs right. Don’t go to bed re-living disappointments. Go bed letting everything hurtful go with a new purpose for the next day. I don’t go to bed with anything blocking me from making the most of each day. Life is like a mist, we are here for a moment and then we are gone. Make a difference. *****

Well that touched me alot if it made any difference. As long as I am alive I am given a gift, which God has blessed me with another day. I honestly am very passionate and care about people. I try to change everyone for the better and sometimes get stuck in trying to help those that don’t want to be helped and change those that don’t want to be changed. Sometimes it hurts me. But why? well as long as I do what is right and do my part in trying to make a difference, when that person don’t respond, it is totally their choice.

Lord, help me become a better person and help me use every second to better myself and others. Help me make each day count. Thank you. As I let all my past disappointments go, I am in control, because you are in control of ALL THINGS. I am focused on what I can do and forgot all my failures. I am the best man today that I have ever been. Thank you. Give me more wisdom, understanding, passion, and Love.



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I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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One Response to Today, I fell, I climbed, I tried to make a difference, I hope I did. Learned to redeem my time.

  1. Anonymous says:

    God bless you.. i'm praying for you 8)… beijos *Paulinha*

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