Thank you

Lord thank for you for another day, for today is a blessing and another gift from you.

The last few days and has been a little hectic. I have been rocked but I haven’t fallen. The Lord always keeps me on my feet. My heart is pure. He knows my heart and my goals. Sometimes we get discouraged and are not happy with our lives, but there is always someone in the world who has nothing and is always wishing to be in our shoes. The world is filled with all classes of people. Each person is built with being selfish and only thinking of themselves. But everything we have is a gift. Everything belongs and comes from God. We came to this earth naked and we will go away naked.

Disappointments are inevitable but misery is optional. Every single day that goes by, stop and think, how can I make a difference today? What can I do to help someone. My main focus, is for everyone that comes across my life, to help and encourage them somehow. I don’t have objects or any extra monetary gifts to give but realized that the power of words is great. Words are unseen, but very powerful and we can feel them. Depending on what some people tell or say to us sometimes determines, what we feel, think or act. But what the Almighty God tells us in his scriptures and was we tell our selves is what counts. We are the ones living in our own shoes so others perception of us is secondary to the Lords and our own perception of ourselves.

The Lord said that we reap what what we plant. I see the impact some of my everyday choices and influences has made. Thank you Lord for I feel fulfilled. Someone made sure I received a business card. On that business card, it stated ” Thanks to you (and God) I am doing great!. Bless you! Wow that was a great feeling above anything I ever received. I could feel true pleasure and fulfillment. On the front of that card, it had his business information. This was an individual that I saw in pain and making the wrong choices in life. I told him I believed in him and he needed to make a difference. I know as he was seated on the ground, I spoke many words and knew that the Holy Spirit of the Lord Almighty was speaking through me. I know that I don’t have that much motivation on my own. But with God there is no sea that can’t be crossed.

God wants us to have more than enough. God wants us to have more friends, happiness, and love. But you have trust the Lord and give. The more you give the more you will receive. People will always disappoint us. So we shouldn’t give expecting to receive. We should give in abundance. Encourage and help as many people as you can.  Today, make a difference.

Lord thank you for today. Thank you for you gifts and abilities. Help me influence, encourage and help as many people as I can, for you glory and not my own.



About blessedwarrior

I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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