Take a Breath 8-) We are blessed

I spend many days dissatisfied, dissatisfied, dissatisfied. Why? Why are we always wanting something more and not happy this minute? We are always chasing something always not happy at the moment because thinking that we need more. Do we really need to have that, this, and those? We are breathing, We are healthy, We have many things. There is always someone in the world that would want to be in our shoes. There is many people who don’t do what we want, don’t appreciate us, disappoint us, don’t care about us. But why are we so worried about what people think? We should point our attention on God! Then what happens?? oh oh, we live happier more satisfied, not using our energy worrying on others opinion.

Take a deep breath! You are alive. It is a gift that many don’t have now and are in the cemetery. Today, be happy. Enjoy every second, take care of what you do have and really appreciate it. Yes, we want more more more more, but you know what? when u do get it, u are gonna get tired of it and then want more more more and you forget to be happy this second. Enjoy your time off. Use it to better yourself or do something good for others.



About blessedwarrior

I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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