Firm, Persevere, Overcome, Achieve.

Many days go by in our lives and we go through so many conflicts, desires, emotions, worries. Sometimes it seems like the smallest tasks is so hard to get done due to the fact that we have get crumbled with worries that so many more have to be done.

I have spent many days alone, thinking and thinking. Those were the hardest times in my life that seemed so painful and lonely at times. Many of those times alone were not by choice but the places I was in and there was no way out. I believe that those times is what build the person I am today. Nothing in my life came easy but I do believe that I received as many more blessings than struggles. Sometimes those worries occupy our minds so much and it is so hard to control those thoughts. “Thoughts”, its crazy that it changes our mood, feelings, and reaction. The greatest battle anyone ever faced in life is the battle of their mind.

Not every day is the most exciting and happiest day of our lives. But days that seem so confusing makes those other days that are amazing so worth it. I believe I am unique in my own way and I have certain talents that are amazing. I have focused to do my best everyday in order to help as many people as I can, at least to help them realize certain things I have learned. To me, it is very painful to see others in pain, worried, or sad. I can almost feel it myself. Does anyone care about my burden and worries? Interesting enough, that someone in the world that endured the hardest anyone that ever lived can endure did. Jesus felt everyones pain and cries, and lived a life without any selfishness by curing and preaching. He didn’t walk with the proud and rich, but walked with the poorest and crumbled. The ones that had everything in life did not care about him and only themselves. Why? Because when we have everything without any worries, why do we need anything else.

I do however see God’s work in almost everything now a days. Every person I meet and every course that takes place. I am blessed with so many things and am glad for the worries and troubles I face because it builds a better person each day. Help me achieve the wisdom to control my thoughts my God. Help me live more by your spirit and not my selfishness flesh.

Today was not the greatest day in my life, but I tried as hard as I could to help make others better and do my part. I am not in complete peace in my heart and soul, but tomorrow is another gift my God that only you can give me. I stand firm in my convictions thus not best man in this earth, my heart is full of passion, dreams and goals. I know for a fact that I plan my actions but you determine my path. Have mercy and be gracious to me, because only you know my heart.

DB 03/10/10.

About blessedwarrior

I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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