Success is discipline and the joy is overwhelming

Today was a wonderful day. I started off by reading and then my daily affirmations and my prayer to my almighty God. I spent the day then studying and researching on different marketing and business strategies. Trying to my best to self and educate and learn as much as I can. I am achieving my daily and life goals and focusing in gathering as much knowledge I can to help others achieve theirs.

Success is a few daily disciplines done every day, according to motivational speaker and great teacher called “Jim Rohn”. I have his book of Quotes in my bathroom and read a few quotes every day. It motivates me and help me keep focused. I have been very successful in keeping my thoughts positive. I always thought keeping control of my own mind was impossible to do, most of the time. I however am impressed that every time a negative thought come in mind, I cancel it by changing the though and saying a few positive affirmations. Brian Tracy said to repeat to yourself, “I like myself, I like myself” a few times non stop and it changes your self image. It is impressing how it works to change whatever thought you currently have. You can’t have two thoughts at once so you can quickly change your thoughts. It is amazing that a few days of self discipline has given me a great sense of well being and I do feel extremely happy. I do feel like I am getting closer and closer to my life long goals. I have written my goals almost every single day in a new page of my journal and it has help me create an inner drive that is amazing. I am more determined more than ever. I hope all has had a great weekend. God Bless You!

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About blessedwarrior

I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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