October 17, 2010 – Amazing

Today was a great amazing, wonderful day. A blessing from the most up high, my God. Life is full of challenges and trials. We don’t grow on the mountain top, we grow in the valleys. What happens to us is always for a reason to teach us a lesson. I have learned so many lessons lately and my focus always goes back to my goals that I wrote down on a piece of paper about a year ago. Therefore I have not got side track for much long and always have my purpose in life right in front of me. My life is going in the right direction and I am happier than ever despite many small challenges within my own heart. Every starts from our thoughts and mind. Perception really is our reality. “If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at really do change”. The outside world is a reflection of our inside. It takes a lot of self discipline and self mastery to reprogram ourself from all the negativity in the world. But the ultimate reward is worth the sacrifice. How can God gives us more if we can’t control our own mind and have self discipline?. Learn that skill from lots of practices and sometimes down falls but after many go arounds you can learn to master it and recover quicker. Life is amazing, and success really is the journey. When we reach our destination we will look back and say, “did I really do the best I could in every situation?”. God bless all..

David Britto
BlessedWarrior Inc.



About blessedwarrior

I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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