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Get up

People will always disappoint you when you are leaning on them. People will never understand you through their perception unless they truly love you. The best way to get through life by holding on to your values is to, love … Continue reading

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Florida Community Alliance

Florida Community Alliance

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Get Motivated Seminar – My Experience

On Monday, November 1, 2010 I attended a business seminar called “Get Motivated” at the Georgia Dome, located in Atlanta, Georgia. Some of the speakers present were Rudy Giuliani, Bill Cosby, Zig Ziglar, Gen. Colin Powell, Lou Holtz, Goldie Hawn, … Continue reading

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October 17, 2010 – Amazing

Today was a great amazing, wonderful day. A blessing from the most up high, my God. Life is full of challenges and trials. We don’t grow on the mountain top, we grow in the valleys. What happens to us is … Continue reading

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Live, Learn, Discern, Stumble, Walk, Run, Enjoy

Life is amazing. We wake up in the morning and depending on our thoughts and experiences, determines how well we live and feel about ourselves. I have learned the following 2 things that has dramatically changed my life and brought … Continue reading

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Success is discipline and the joy is overwhelming

Today was a wonderful day. I started off by reading and then my daily affirmations and my prayer to my almighty God. I spent the day then studying and researching on different marketing and business strategies. Trying to my best … Continue reading

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