This world was created by the creator of the Universe

What ever you believe in, know that he designed us uniquely with the most important thing in the world, the gift of air and free will.

What do you live for? Answer that question. What makes you happy? What would you fight for? These questions are very important in determining how to live and what to do to achieve actual happiness and over coming all the negative emotions and daily struggles. Everyone was created equal, with a body spirit and soul. Everyone was created with unique abilities and talents. Depending how you use those talents to better another person, is depending how good you will feel about yourself, grow your self confidence, and learn new talents consequently becoming extremely proficient at it. 

“Success is a journey and not a destination” The sooner you learn this quote and engrave it in you head, is the determining factor how soon you will learn to be happy and fulfilled. “ “Failures are a few errors in judgement” Jim Rohn. Failures are practice shots. Michael once said, “I missed more than 9,000 shots in my life, I then I missed again, and that is why I succeed”. “If you want to multiply your success rate, increase your failures”. There hasn’t been one failure that I have not learned something or made me better.our self confidence, and learn new talents consequently becoming extremely proficient at it.

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Firm, Persevere, Overcome, Achieve.

Many days go by in our lives and we go through so many conflicts, desires, emotions, worries. Sometimes it seems like the smallest tasks is so hard to get done due to the fact that we have get crumbled with worries that so many more have to be done.

I have spent many days alone, thinking and thinking. Those were the hardest times in my life that seemed so painful and lonely at times. Many of those times alone were not by choice but the places I was in and there was no way out. I believe that those times is what build the person I am today. Nothing in my life came easy but I do believe that I received as many more blessings than struggles. Sometimes those worries occupy our minds so much and it is so hard to control those thoughts. “Thoughts”, its crazy that it changes our mood, feelings, and reaction. The greatest battle anyone ever faced in life is the battle of their mind.

Not every day is the most exciting and happiest day of our lives. But days that seem so confusing makes those other days that are amazing so worth it. I believe I am unique in my own way and I have certain talents that are amazing. I have focused to do my best everyday in order to help as many people as I can, at least to help them realize certain things I have learned. To me, it is very painful to see others in pain, worried, or sad. I can almost feel it myself. Does anyone care about my burden and worries? Interesting enough, that someone in the world that endured the hardest anyone that ever lived can endure did. Jesus felt everyones pain and cries, and lived a life without any selfishness by curing and preaching. He didn’t walk with the proud and rich, but walked with the poorest and crumbled. The ones that had everything in life did not care about him and only themselves. Why? Because when we have everything without any worries, why do we need anything else.

I do however see God’s work in almost everything now a days. Every person I meet and every course that takes place. I am blessed with so many things and am glad for the worries and troubles I face because it builds a better person each day. Help me achieve the wisdom to control my thoughts my God. Help me live more by your spirit and not my selfishness flesh.

Today was not the greatest day in my life, but I tried as hard as I could to help make others better and do my part. I am not in complete peace in my heart and soul, but tomorrow is another gift my God that only you can give me. I stand firm in my convictions thus not best man in this earth, my heart is full of passion, dreams and goals. I know for a fact that I plan my actions but you determine my path. Have mercy and be gracious to me, because only you know my heart.

DB 03/10/10.

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Life consists of 1/8 percent talent and 7/8 percent discipline. The bible says hold your thoughts captive. There is a reason such a holy book that was written a long time ago is a basis for living a fulfilled life. Your thoughts become your actions. Your action becomes your habit. Your habits become your character. All of that takes great discipline! Today was a good day!! I am blessed.

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Take a Breath 8-) We are blessed

I spend many days dissatisfied, dissatisfied, dissatisfied. Why? Why are we always wanting something more and not happy this minute? We are always chasing something always not happy at the moment because thinking that we need more. Do we really need to have that, this, and those? We are breathing, We are healthy, We have many things. There is always someone in the world that would want to be in our shoes. There is many people who don’t do what we want, don’t appreciate us, disappoint us, don’t care about us. But why are we so worried about what people think? We should point our attention on God! Then what happens?? oh oh, we live happier more satisfied, not using our energy worrying on others opinion.

Take a deep breath! You are alive. It is a gift that many don’t have now and are in the cemetery. Today, be happy. Enjoy every second, take care of what you do have and really appreciate it. Yes, we want more more more more, but you know what? when u do get it, u are gonna get tired of it and then want more more more and you forget to be happy this second. Enjoy your time off. Use it to better yourself or do something good for others.


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Make a difference

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I have to say that I am truly blessed. God is great and has lifted me so much. I lift my face up to you my Lord and I shall never see darkness. In my heart I plan my course but you determine my steps!.

Today was a good day. Worked hard. Very busy. Sometimes it was frustrating but I am thankful for the Job I have. Many people don’t have a job right now and there is always someone in the world that would be extremely happy if they were in my shoes, so yes I am grateful that I am blessed. Be thankful for what you do have and stop complaining about what you don’t have.

Who ever reads this, know that you are going to have the best year ever this year. God has a plan for you and like Joel Osteen has said many times, “Your Best Days Are Ahead of You!”. Believe it.


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My daily Morning Self-Talk

I am a Champion.

I will fulfill my destiny. I have the the favor of God. I am blessed. No weapons formed against me will not prosper. This coming year, I will be debt free. I will save alot of money. I will encourage and help as many people as I can. I gain strength through adversity. I believe right now my Lord is arranging things in my favor. I believe that you are working in my life. I have been through too much to stop now and I have come too far to give up on my dreams.
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