Get up

People will always disappoint you when you are leaning on them. People will never understand you through their perception unless they truly love you. The best way to get through life by holding on to your values is to, love deeply and do everything you can for someone, but don’t expect anything. When expectation come short, it is where you compare and judge the amount of happiness you think you should have. Life is all about learning. Sometimes the world and life is so amazing and something happens to take you down. Sometimes it is a sign from God to teach u something or open your eyes. Trust is earned. I believe despite every set back there is a bigger reward awaiting. I am extremely grateful for what I learned today. Had a tough week, but a wake up call today that explained everything. God allowed me fail in order to come to today and see. There is alot of evil souls out there, unfortunately. Sometimes I can fall a victim from being so pure hearted and loving, but just the satisfaction and clear mind makes me realize that it is all worth it. Despite anyone else’s attitude it is extremely important to be you and follow through you core disciplines and beliefs. Embrace the struggle. Embrace the pain. It builds the muscle, not to make it harder, but to make the heart more capable of loving. I move when my heart say move. I am a warrior, child of the most high God. Many judge me and categorize me for my actions giving it reasons for why I am the way I am. I say, “Get Out of My Way” , because I am uniquely made and have a purpose. A tool in God’s hand. I have been around the world and see things clearly. Thank you God for an amazing day! God Bless all..

About blessedwarrior

I am 28 and significant, focusing how I can help others
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